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High-quality RFND process with zero waiting-lines to provide impressive RFND service for cross-boder shoppers.

RFND Productline

A New Perspective

Elevate the throughput on the point of sale by detaching the whole procedure away from the turnover-critical cashpoint — Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, your employees on all levels less challenged and the risks (e.g. wrong payouts, return problems) are mitigated.

RFND is the #1 Technology provider with out of the box solutions for immediate improvement of your VAT refund workflow. The leading retailers trust in us and Millions of VAT exports are processed through our technology.

Disburden Staff

All involved departments,e.g. cashier, manager, accountant, financial department are taken out of the loop; leading to more efficient time for core business.

Recurring Revenues

Increased profitability through the closed cycle of the RFND_series. Each VAT RFND transaction leads to a reduction on next purchases. Yielding a cycle effect of revenues.

Faster Checkout

As the RFND procedures take place at the starting point the RFND series lower the waiting lines and increase throughput that the point of sale.

Net Present Value (NPV) Savings

Act now to unleash the full potential of RFND technology. Thus leading to a modern, compliance and costumer oriented process design of how you create and refund VAT to international cross-border shoppers.


Decoupling RFND

Launching an intuitive RFND workflow is important for retailers releasing untapped value with expenditures on OPEX level.


Keep the buying power in the loop with RFND_series

Similar to a cycle the VAT creation and the payout are taking place in the shop leading to increased recurring returns from VAT. Pushing your sales up!

A positive NPV

We have simulated with our major clients how positive it is actually to implement the RFND technology with no added overhead but immediate return

RFND Products — used more then 2M times
  1. 1

    Offer RFND to your customer

    A small label is printed and attached to the original receipt. Security measures and 5 levels of integration allow to mitigate the risk and lower the effort to a Barcode.

  2. 2

    Border checkout

    The authorities use a digital (RFND digital) or manuel (Stamp) processes to validate the export by checking identity and goods exported.

  3. 3

    RFND finalizes the validation

    RFND_series were developed to bring the customer back into the market, reduce waiting lines, lower staff involvement and increase customer satisfaction. See how customer reacted on the introdcution in the Video.